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Poonam natural incense of flours to flowers rolled by hand :

Natural incense " Poonam ", scents of " Saffron and Amber ".

The " Saffron " is symbol of purity, intensified by the " Amber ", it brings love, devotion and compassion, the intelligence of the heart.

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Poonam natural incense of flours to flowers rolled by hand :

Natural incense " Poonam ", scents of " Saffron and Amber ".

The " Saffron " is symbol of purity, intensified by the " Amber ", it brings love, devotion and compassion, the intelligence of the heart.

Natural incenses of flours to flowers rolled by hand, with a honey touch :

These natural incense sticks to flours of flowers come from India, they are made by care from a Indian family, hand-crafted and rolled by hands. 

Do you know  “the Dhoop " ?

It is “ the resin of Boswellia ”, the sap of a asian shrub that it’s called " the incense", this is basic incense, original incense.

 It is the odor of India because they burn some on all the displays of market, in the lanes or streets, in the temples, as well as in all the shops they have got a small temple that they honor to burn this sap incense.  This is the reason why even while arriving in Europe, Indian handicrafts often has a special odor, the one of “ the Dhoop ” that impregnates itself everywhere, in particular in cotton fabrics.

As much “ the Dhoop ” is natural, just an original sap, the base, as much the sticks obtain a value added by these flours of flowers.  The craftsmen take sections of bamboo that they cut in strips then in sticks, that they come to roll by the hand on “ the Dhoop ”, this resinous eraser, then a second time on the flours of flowers, simple recipes of crushed flowers, from which the achievement of a choice of varied scents, going of the bloomed to the wooded one, going to the spicy or Sweety. 

All of this incense sticks got also a touch of “ Honey ” with the intention to appease.

Each odor intensifies differently our olfactory sense, from each one brings their specific effects, their particularities, their goods done.  

It is not necessary to light simultaneously several sticks, one suffices fully ! 

Otherwise, if you wish a softer odor, it is possible to humidify the stick just before to burn it, fast passing it directly under the water tap.  These sticks are so fatty due to “ the resinous Dhoop ” that the water doesn’t penetrate completely, stayed in periphery, allows a burn and diffuse soft odor, avoids the stubbornness inside a small room, small volumes.  Thus dampened, the sticks will win close to 10 to 15 minutes of incandescence.  

This is true only for the incense sticks of flours of flowers, of fatty nature ; method to not employed directly to “ the Dhoop ”, as well as “ the Loban ” that is not organic but mineral with “ the Myrrhe ”, who is a rock that all the religions use in their rituals, acclaims it by excellence for the meditation.

For example, the humidification for “ the Tulsi ” sticks, from“ the Basilic,has not interest for being the softer of my selection, it risks to be not perceived ; in the opposite,  for “ the Poonam ” sticks, from “ the Saffron and Amber ”, of a nice pleasant clear odor, not confused but strong, the humidification can prove itself interesting.  

This incenses allow, the time of a instant, to escape peoples somewhere in Asia, a simple magic olfactory moment, “ The magi of India ! ”…  

“ Om namah shanti hay ! ” …                                                                      

( The spirituality blesses the tranquility ! … )

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